Anglo World Cargo show U2 A Beautiful Day

It was the “Sweetest Thing” to see The Anglo World Cargo Team handling three 747’s carrying the U2 Joshua Tree Tour ready for their next performance at Twickenham. They didn’t have the time to suffer from “Vertigo” as this was a back to back operation and absolutely no margin to get “stuck in a moment”.  
309 tonnes of equipment including, staging, lighting, props, an abundance of musical instruments, and even the Joshua Tree itself passed through our facility at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.  
30 articulated trucks were planned, loaded and on their way with precision timing. Managing Director, Gary Winterman quoted, “The challenges that a shipment like this poses to all involved are quite complex and involve good communications across all parties at the airport.”
This is where Doncaster Sheffield Airport excel in order to safely offload over 300 tonnes of stage equipment from three 747’s. It needed to be organised and segregated in order to load onto 30 waiting articulated lorries. Managing a team of over 40 staff with great ‘pride‘ all within a 24 hour period was an absolute credit to everyone involved.
Operations Director, Robin Burns, added “having been involved in movements for the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Coldplay to name a few, the U2 equipment move was the largest operation of them all and certainly was even better than the real thing”.
Anglo World Cargo would like to formally thank Swissport for their amazing effort in getting the 747’s unloaded and turned around quickly ready for their onward journeys.

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