Anglo World Cargo offer full Cargo Handling Services.

Anglo World Cargo offer full Cargo Handling Services at Doncaster Sheffield Airport. We work closely and effectively with our on-site partners to ensure a quick and safe turn round of your charter. We offer a fully regulated agent service that operate a safe for flight process for all our cargo.

The benefit of using Anglo World Cargo for all your Cargo Handling Services is that we are a one stop shop. This means that can take care of your cargo from point A to B, without having to outsource any of our services to third party companies.

Cargo Handling Services 2

Anglo World Cargo also specialise in quick turnaround deliveries. This is due to no congestion for freighters at Robin Hood Airport, where we operate out of. The infrastructure is also a key benefit, thanks to an uncongested motorway network. Because of this, Anglo World Cargo saves you time, which inevitably saves you money.

When using Anglo World Cargo you can enjoy the benefits of: Fully regulated agent services – A large 180cm x 180cm X-ray machine – Explosive trace detection – Third party screening and pallet build – Crane services – Inventory linked for customs – Freight weighing facilities – 20 foot roller bed truck dock.

For all your Cargo Handling needs call Anglo World Cargo on 01302 623063

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